The world as we know it is long forgotten and the planet’s main inhabitants consist of what are known only as exterminators whose purpose in their mechanical life is to eliminate illegal residents, commonly known as humans…. Wait, did I just recite the basis of the latest Terminator movie? This film will grip you with its’ artistic flair that you will want to see from beginning to end as Polygon Pictures along with writers Tsutomu Nihei and Sadayuki Murai take you through a mechanical, dark and lonely steel ridden world where food is scarce and chances of survival reduce by the day.

We are introduced to the main characters early in the film where a young girl named Zuru, her dear friend Tai, and her team have gone out on a food supply mission for some delicious sludge, “Mmm sounds appetizing”! The intensity of the movie goes from slow to woah! pretty much in an instant and was a great introduction to Zuru and her team. After a bit of exterminator chaos we are greeted by my personal favourite character in the movie, Killy. A mysterious wanderer searching for a human who contains what is only known as the “Net Terminal Gene”, this would grant the user the ability to gain control over the robotical world they now live in. From his opening scene you get a sense he has journeyed far and wide to obtain the gene which to date has not been located, with this in mind the story has a few twists and introduces a few other characters to keep the story “plotting” along…

As far as plots go, the story is a classic “we are humanity’s last hope” scenario, and you can’t have humanity’s last hope without some scenes pulling on your heart strings followed by a mass amount of destruction which Blame! offers with arms wide open. Killy is the king of being on the forefront of the battle scenes and action, these for me were the absolute highlight of the entire film and the beautiful animations that fill a good portion of the movie are what made me want to go back and watch it again and again.

The use of colour in the film, especially with Killys’ “Bringer of Death” weapon was extremely effective as the background was often a dark and cold metal wasteland. The introduction of bright colours was always easy to see and most effective to the eye in the intense battle scenes… It is amazing what colours can do when utilized correctly and all the different emotions they can bring to the film. Whether it is a ray of hope with a dim yellow light of the village surrounded by darkness or the bright, deep red of Killys’ weapon for all the bloodshed in battles, it is evident that the team had in depth thought of how they would utilize the colour pallette for the film and it works perfectly.

Blame! is a film I would recommend to anyone who loves anime or the Terminator style of films as this is a great alternate portrayal. I watched both dubbed and original versions of the film and whilst I personally love listening to the Japanese version, the voice actors of the english dubbing are very good and I found both enjoyable.

The story is something that I thought was at times a bit slow and let’s face it, we have ALL seen our fair share of Terminator or similar, however the excellent animation, use of colour, fight scenes accompanied by the beautiful sounds and music of Yugo Kanno make-up for the slight shortfall in story to make it a anime film I would recommend.



  • Fluid and stunning animation
  • Colour palette utilized in film adds depth
  • Characters are memorable due to visuals
  • Music times in well with specific scenes


  • Story is a bit slow at times
  • Plot is slightly lacking in terms of depth
  • Film ends open so unless we get a sequel I hate those kind of movies!

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