Madman March Release Highlights

Foreign film fans will be delighted to hear that Madman has announced the lineup of March releases with a large number of films around the corner.

The standout films and series are listed below:

All the Devil’s Men is an action thriller starring Milo Gibson, son of well-known actor Mel Gibson as a bounty hunter navigating London in search of a target.








Distorted, Starring John Cusack and Christina Ricci is the story of a woman suffering from bipolar disorder and her husband moving away from the city into a futuristic apartment complex only to find that their new home might be something more menacing.









Neo-noir thriller Serenity has already caught people’s attention from its theatrical release in the States. The story follows the captain of a fishing boat contemplating whether to murder his ex-wife’s abusive husband.







Jemaine Clement is adding to his catalogue with the comedy Humour Me which centers on a playwright struggling to keep it together.








The Critically acclaimed New Zealand Drama, Stray, a debut film from Director Dustin Feneley is about two strangers that meet in the mountains during winter trying to heal their broken pasts.









Lost in Paris is a quirky, physical comedy about a Canadian woman visiting Paris for the first time to look after her myopic Aunt. The task is not as easy as it seems and hijinks ensue.









Vitaminia is the documentary tackling the vitamin and supplement industry and challenging what exactly is the healthiest choice that parents can make for their children.








Zoe, the Romantic Sci-fi starring Ewan McGregor and Lea Seydoux is all about the relationship between an engineer and the highly sophisticated synthetic human he has created.








As for series that are being released the Scandinavian crime drama Acquitted (also known as Frikjent) follow a businessman returning to his hometown after 20 years to solve a mystery from his past.









The second season of Sci-fi series Mars will also be out showing us more of the tension that follows for the crew landing on the red planet.









BBC thriller White Dragon is out too, the story of a professor who travels to Hong Kong after his wife is killed there in a car-crash but shortly after he finds there is more to the incident.









In the Anime category the Fate/Stay night movie, the first of a trilogy officially titled ‘Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel 1. Presage Flower’ is being released expanding on the story of the Holy Grail War.









Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom? is an animated, romantic, drama film that released to critical acclaim in Japan, 2017.









Alongside these releases is the complete collection of the Kyoto Animation hit Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid coming from Funimation.

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