Madman November Releases

Madman is all about that sweet sweet New Zealand content this month.

Releasing breakout hit The Break Upperers on disc and digital, this film is about Mel and Jen who run a small-time business breaking couples up, but as Mel develops a conscience everything is put to the test.








The first proper kiwi Christmas film, Kiwi Christmas follows Santa as he leaves the North Pole just before Christmas and comes to New Zealand.











Need a fix of the West family? Madman is offering box-sets of both Outrageous Fortune and Westside this coming 8th of November.










Other than the New Zealand theme, Defiant is releasing two thrillers into home entertainment.

Spinning Man, starring Guy Pearce, Pierce Brosnan and Minnie Driver, it follows Evan Birch (Pearce) when a female student goes missing and he becomes the main suspect.











Blood Money is also offered, starring John Cusack and Ellar Coltrane. An action thriller, following three friends who discover bags full of money during a weekend excursion in the woods.











Aussie Comedy, Brother’s Nest is also out. Following two brothers as they travel home intent on murdering their step-father, but they didn’t plan on spending the day together. Old grudges, different worldviews and a troubled history will pit the two brothers against each other.











The Gospel According to Andre is a fashion documentary following the career of fashion editor Andre Leon.











My Friend Dahmer
is the story behind the story of mass murderer Jeffery Dahmer. As he approaches high school graduation, Dahmer cannot mask his growing depravity and spirals murder out of control.











Only a few anime titles this month.

Dragon Ball Z series is re-released in DVD and Blu-Ray boxsets! Relive the series and follow Goku and all the adventures to protect earth from alien threats.











Naruto Shippuden Hokage set. As the Fourth Great Ninja War rages on, the Allied Shinobi forces are fighting to keep their own fallen friends and comrades as Naruto learns more about warfare and himself.

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