Vendetta Films – June Update

With the Cannes film festival taking over the filmmaking world early last month, the 2018 Vendetta Cannes acquisitions are here! Vendetta also shows us some amazing selections for the New Zealand International Film Festival which is taking place between the July 19th and August 12th, and some upcoming films to watch out for.

Cannes Acquisitions


Belgian Filmmaker Lukas Dhont stuns at this year’s Cannes with Girl. A film about a 15-year-old trans girl Lara who aspires to become a ballerina.









Border is an unpredictable Swedish film, offering a new take on Nordic mythology by viewing it through the story of a border guard with a sixth sense for identifying smugglers. The film follows the guard after she cannot prove someone guilty and is forced to confront terrifying revelations about herself and humanity.







NZIFF Selections

Good Manners

Brazilian filmmakers Marco Dutra and Juliana Rojas come together to create the fantasy horror Good Manners. Following Clara, a lonely nurse from the outskirts of Sao Paulo who is hired for as a nanny by a mysterious and wealthy woman. As the relationship between the two women builds, a fateful night changes everything.








Speak Up

An inspiring documentary by French filmmaker Stephane de Freitas which follows a group of university students as they prepare for a public speaking competition. With themes of the importance of being seen and heard and the liberating power of finding one’s voice, Speak Up is NZIFF’s breakout film.








Girls of the Sun

With reports of a 10-minute standing ovation at the conclusion of the premiere, Girls of the Sun is one to watch. Based on true events surrounding the Yazidi women soldiers, this film is an inspirational war story unlike any you’ve seen before.








Upcoming Releases

Interlude in Prague

The star-studded cast shares the screen with the unforgettable music of a true master in John Stephenson’s Interlude in Prague. A period drama inspired by Mozart’s masterpiece Don Giovanni.







Woody Harrelson tackles the role of the 36th President of the United States of America in his next turn on the big screen. LBJ follows deputy President Lyndon B. Johnson immediately after the assassination of John F. Kennedy and his frantic struggle to secure legitimacy as the new leader of the free world.









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